Drawing 1, Part 4: Exercise 3

Structure and Proportion

We were asked to observe different parts of our body and make sketches in our sketch book. I focused on the hands and feet.

I sketched the hands in pencil, and then coloured with watercolour. I tried to demonstrate tone and shade.

I enjoyed doing the hand sketches, though they were challenging. I find it difficult, however, to do sketches of other people’s hands when in a life drawing situation and they are at a distance. I think I panic, and then I mess them up!

I think the watercolour works well with the pencil. I have expressed tonal graduations, but could include more detail with the paint, such as the lines themselves.

Here are the feet sketches, which I did in pencil…

Although I had to contort my legs and hips and feet a bit, I really enjoyed doing these sketches, and I actually enjoyed working in pencil for a change. I used a 2b pencil, and for the shading I used the pencil loosely, on its side. I also used pronounced lines to demarcate the outlines and lines, although I have been told that it is not good practice to use outlines. I think it worked with these feet though.

Overall, a very enjoyable exercise, and brilliant practice.

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