Drawing 1, Part 4: Exercise 2

Essential Elements

I was lucky enough to have a live model again, today, rather than doing a drawing session over zoom. Hannah was a wonderful model, and very open to whatever I wanted to do, pose wise.

I set up my easel, and worked mostly in pen (fineliner), with some pastel work, and at the end, for the longer sketch some watercolour washes.

me at the easel!

I think I missed the objective of this exercise, reading it back. I fixated on the fact that we were to make 6 x 10 minute sketches, which I did. I also wanted to explore foreshortening a little more, as I really enjoy it.

The objective was to use tone and shade, but I used line primarily, rather than blocks of tone. I sketched first, then used watercolours to create areas of tone and shade. I used Rose Madder, Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Indanthrene Blue, Paynes Grey and Alizarin Crimson.

Here are my sketches with and without colorisation:

the ones exploring foreshortening:

foreshortening …. hands (fineliner)
Foreshortening (hands ii)

I think the foreshortening has worked quite well in these sketches. I like the loose lines and the sense of freedom. I feel a lot of flowing movement and energy when I draw, and I try to let it transfer itself into my work. The anatomy isn’t perfect, and that is something I really need to work on. But I think the drawings are expressive.

Here are the rest of the sketches, which I was not as happy with as the first two:

Pen sketch – foreshortening
Pencil and pastel pencil
pen and pastel pencil

I found the last three sketches unsatisfactory. The proportions aren’t too bad, I just think they look messy and lack character. I think fewer lines would have worked better in the feet foreshortening one.

The crossed legged sketch does not feel right to me. I am not comfortable with it. Maybe because it is in pencil, and doesn’t look as defined as the pen drawings. I think I overdid the red pastel pencil, it looks too heavy. I know my drawings can look a bit ‘busy’ but this is too much, in my opinion.

I did another sketch which I was really unhappy with, and I don’t want to include it here.

For my final sketch, I tried to imply the tone and shaded areas using watercolour. I drew in pen, and added some charcoal marks. After I had painted, I added the watercolour drips and splashes.

Expressive watercolour, pen and charcoal sketch

I am very pleased with the watercolour sketch. I think it is unusual and delicate. You can see the highlights on the flesh, and the watercolour drips and splatters add interest, although it looked ok without the black splashes.


  1. Love the main profile sketch picture with the clasped hands and foreshortening.
    Not sure why the others dont show. I am reading from a Samsung.


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