Self Portraits

I know this is a drawing module, but we are studying figure drawing, and I painted a couple of self portraits this week.

The first was in acrylics and I call it Self Portrait in Blue.

Self Portrait in Blue, Acrylics on acrylic paper

I am fond of this portrait. I used a lot of Alizarin Crimson, which makes the overall feel rather pink. I used a variety of brushstrokes, The acrylic is not easy to blend, but is suited to broad brushstrokes and impasto style painting. I am happy with the strong colours.

The second portrait I decided I would try oils on paper designed for oil paints. I have previously painted on canvases, but decided I would try special paper, as it is easier to frame.

I call it Bubblegum Self Portrait.

Bubblegum Self Portrait, Oil on paper

The Bubblegum self portrait took me about 15 hours to paint. I had to carefully observe the planes of the face, and pay attention to detail.

I am not sure which, out of the two portraits, I prefer as they are both so different. In some ways I feel I prefer the acrylic as it is looser and freer. It is also bold. But the Bubblegum oil portrait is fun and quirky.


      • I’ve done done work in oils so I cannot say how it feels to work with the materials, but from what I hear it does seem their nature leads to slower work and I know if it were me that would mean tighter, maybe the same for you? I do like acrylics for the speed with which they get you to working! Because they dry so fast.

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