Drawing 1, Part 3; Exercise 9

Townscape Sketchbook

I used several places for my sketchbook; Scunthorpe, York and London. I had to work from photographs I had for some of the sketches, due to restraints in both weather, and having to care for my autistic son.

I used a variety of media for the sketches.

The first sketches are from my local area:

View from the balcony of my flat (pen and watercolour)

I thought it would be interesting to draw the view from my balcony, as it is somewhere i watch the world from. You can see the houses in the distance, and the trees.

View from my front window (pen and watercolour pencil)

I live in a 2nd floor flat in town, in a built up area full of blocks of flats and houses.

Scunthorpe High Street. Pencil.
The Pods – our local leisure centre. (pencil)

The Pods is an interesting piece of architecture, consisting of triangular pieces of glass in a timber dome.

The Library (pencil)

The library had a make over a few years ago. It is an interesting piece of architecture, but quite ugly.

The Beefeater restaurant, Scunthorpe. (pastel pencil)

I decided to experiment for the drawing of the Beefeater pub, so used pastel pencils and a loose style.

Council offices, Church Square, Scunthorpe.

For the drawing of the council offices, I used a Conte Pierre Noire pencil. I kept to a bold style with solid lines.

The Old Library, Scunthorpe (pen)

I used pen and crosshatching for this drawing of the old library. The perspective was angular, with the corner of the building directly facing me. It also seems to have two point perspective.

The Parishes, Scunthorpe town centre

This drawing of the Parishes has a clear one point perspective, though not parallel. I like the way all the points lead into the corner. A lot of these shops have closed down and have signs saying ‘Prime Shop to Let’.

York, pen and watercolour

The perspective for this view down a street in York was very interesting and this was quite a challenging image to draw. The points all lead towards the minster, but the road curves around the corner.

The River in York

This view of the river in York has clear one point perspective. This all leads to a point top right, which is harmonious to the eye. The weather conditions were bright and sunny, and the water was calm.

York Minster, continuous line drawing in pen.

I attempted to draw the Minster in York in one continuous pen line. This was very liberating and flowed well, but not very accurate in terms of geometry and detail. It has a certain spontaneity though.

A York Bus(pastels and charcoal pencil)

I decided to attempt something a little more expressionist, so used pastels and a charcoal pencil to draw a York tour bus. I just drew to express myself, in a loose and expressionist manner. I like this image, it has a spontaneity that the other images lack.

The final two images I would like to post are from London.

Scorpion Shoes, Camden, London (pen)
Pedestrians on the crossing, Camden, London

The last two images were from photos I took during a visit to Camden, in London. I love the pedestrian image, as it sums up our experience of London….lots of people and lots of walking! It is also quite free and loose, a style I enjoy.

Most of these images were drawn when the weather was fine, so visibility was good. I found it a great way to get to grips with perspective, and some of the drawings were a real challenge.

It was good to try a range of media and a few different techniques.


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